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The Alliance for Global Open Risk Assessment (AGORA) is conceived as a nonprofit, international virtual organization created to promote and coordinate development of open-source risk software and methodologies to perform end-to-end risk modeling. (End-to-end refers to modeling the occurrence of hazardous events, site effects, physical damage to the built environment, and economic and human impacts.)

The AGORA Framework

  • Risk analysis is the foundation of risk reduction.
  • We all share natural and technological hazards risk.
  • Risk analysis is most broadly accepted and used when
    • Risk methodologies are open
    • Risk software is open source, and
    • Fundamental risk data (such as hazard and vulnerability) are open

Therefore, Agora supports

  • Open risk analysis
  • Open risk methodologies
  • Open risk tools, including open-source software
  • Open risk data (such as hazard and vulnerability)
  • Shared and collaborative development of methods, tools and data, and
  • Open communication of risk results

While respecting individual initiative and the individual’s right to the fruits of that initiative.

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