Annual EU-wide Pesticide Residues Monitoring Report

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This page provides a description and a link to a "Annual EU-wide Pesticide Residues Monitoring Report" modeling tool that can be used for modeling exposure levels or information needed in exposure assessment.

Short Description

In the EU co-ordinated programme, eight commodities (apples, tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, leek, orange juice, head cabbage and rye/oats) are analysed for 47 pesticides. Latest report is for 2004. The list of pesticides analysed in 2004 included all 42 substances analysed in 2003, with five additions. Overall, 13953 samples were analysed in this programme. The 2004 report, covers the situation with regard to pesticide residues monitoring in the participating Member States of the EU and the three EEA States Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. In 2004, data from the eight new Member States Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia were included in the report for the first time.


Key Words

Food, pesticides