Body surface area of European population

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The body surface area of skin of European population. This information can be used when evaluating the exposures through skin.



The total body surface area is calculated based on the weight and the length of the population with the formula provided by Mosteller [1]. The body surface area of different body parts is estimated based on the percentages of different body parts provided by a FactSheet of ConsExpo modelling tool The percentages used are presented in Table 1.

Table 1. Percentage of the surface area of different body parts [2]

Age Gender Head Trunck Arms Hands Legs Feet
0-8 Both 16.17 33.52 12.98 5.29 25.04 7
9-14 Both 9.8 33.15 13.9 5.7 30 7.4
15- Men 6.4 36.4 14.3 4.9 31.5 6.5
15- Women 6.7 34.8 13.8 4.9 32.9 6.9


Body weight of European population

Body length of European population




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  2. H.J. Bremmer, L.C.H. Prud’homme de Lodder, J.G.M. van Engelen. RIVM report 320104002/2006. General Fact Sheet.

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