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This page provides a description and a link to a "CAMx" modeling tool that can be used for modeling exposure levels or information needed in exposure assessment.

Short Description

CAMx is an Eulerian photochemical dispersion model that allows for integrated "one-atmosphere" assessments of gaseous and particulate air pollution (ozone, PM2.5, PM10, air toxics) over many scales ranging from sub-urban to continental. It is designed to unify all of the technical features required of "state-of-the-science" air quality models into a single system that is computationally efficient, easy to use, and publicly available. CAMx can be provided environmental input fields from any meteorological model (e.g., MM5, RAMS, and WRF) and emission inputs from any emissions processor (SMOKE, CONCEPT, EPS, EMS).


Key Words

particulate matter, dispersion, air