Car kilometres driven in the Helsinki metropolitan area

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What is the number of kilometres driven by cars within the Helsinki Metropolitan area per day?



Based on the Composite traffic.ANA model.


These are input parameters for the Composite traffic model. The kilometres driven depends on these values.

  • Car fraction (the fraction of all trips that are done by private cars)
  • Public fraction (the fraction of all trips that are done by traditional public transportation)
  • Guarantee level (the area that is covered by composite traffic within HMA)
  • Large guarantee? (Yes= all trips to or from the guaranteed area can be done by composite traffic)
  • Public matrix (different levels of public transportation)
  • Public level
  • No-change fraction (fraction of composite traffic users who refuse to change during the trip)
  • Max size (the largest number of passengers in a single composite traffic vehicle)
  • Min direct load (the smallest number of passengers that are brought to the destination without a change)
  • Vehicle types (different vehicles used in composite traffic)
  • Drop points/area (number of composite traffic drop points for each of the 129 areas within HMA)




See Va6 in Composite traffic.ANA model (version 22.4.2009)


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