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Chlorophenols: a group of chemicals derived from phenol by chlorination. They are used mainly as antifungal impregnation agents in wood preservation, but previously their use has been widespread. The most common preparation is pentachlorophenol. Also tetrachlorophenol is the main chlorophenol in some preparations. Chlorophenols contain several other chlorinated compounds as minor contaminants, including PCDD/Fs. Chlorophenols may be a remarkable source of PCDD/Fs in waterways downstream of forest industries. In the most contaminated regions, the concentration of PCDDs and PCDFs in soil and sediments appears to be incredibly high, up to 10 mg/kg (10,000,000 ng/kg) dry weight, and as I-TEq 0.1 mg/kg dry weight (100,000 ng/kg). Chlorophenols have been banned in many European countries but not in all, and large amounts may exist in soil and sediments even after the discontinuation of their use. Some chlorophenols (esp. 2,4,5-trichlorophenol) were intermediates for further synthetic work. [1]

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Structure of PeCDF


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