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This is a generic table format and assessment structure for most inputs of the model. This is based on File:UrgencheConceptualModel.xlsx

We need too tables, one with all issues listed (with estimates where there is direct data), and another for equations that connect issues. The assessment has seven steps:

  • Policy target
  • Action on
  • Primary impact on
  • End use of energy
  • Emission
  • Time budget
  • Exposure
  • Policy outcome

This table contains the issues:

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City-level climate policy model(-)
1Policy targetUrban areaUrban densitym2/km2floor space
2Policy targetUrban areaUrban plan/zoning
3Policy targetUrban areaStreet networklane-km(/km2)
4Policy targetUrban areaRail networkrail-km(/km2)
5Policy targetUrban areaWalk/bike networkkm(/km2)
6Policy targetTransportLocal person transporttotal person-km/a
7Policy targetTransport(intercity personal transport)
8Policy targetTransportLocal transport of goods
9Policy targetTransport(long range goods transport)
10Policy targetTransport(street) transport electrification% person-km
11Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Residental small houses#buildings, m3tot m3
12Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Residental appartment buildings#residences, m3tot m3
13Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Commercial (incl office) buildings#buildings, m3tot m3
14Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Recreational/cultural buildings#buildings, m3tot m3
15Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Educational buildings#buildings, m3tot m3
16Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Healthcare/institutional buildings#buildings, m3tot m3
17Policy targetBuildings (incl activities in)Other (incl. Industrial) buildings)#buildings, m3tot m3
18Action onUrban develompentpopulation density#/km2population based distribution
19Action onUrban develompentland use efficiencym2/km2floor space areal distribution
20Action onUrban develompentpedestrian zones% built area
21Action onUrban develompentwalk&bike for exerciseperson-km/aestimate
22Action onUrban develompentparks, waters, green corridors%area within built zone
23Action onUrban develompentlocal [re]forestationm3/anet growth
24Action onTransport environmentwalk&bike for transportkm/a100
25Action onTransport environmentbus transportkm/a10
26Action onTransport environmenttram/trolley transportkm/a5
27Action onTransport environmentsubway&train transportkm/a1
28Action onTransport environmentautomobiler transportkm/a100
29Action onTransport environmentscooter transportkm/a100
30Action onTransport environmentbicycle parking downtown
31Action onTransport environmentauto&scooter parking at rail stations
32Action onTransport environmentauto&scooter parking downtown
33Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)el appliances
34Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)lighting
35Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)cooking equipment
36Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)space&water heat sources
37Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)ventilation system
38Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)air exchange rates
39Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)cooling techniques
40Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)building enevelope insulation
41Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)HVAC control system
42Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)spatial control systems
43Action onBuilding codes & regs (for each bldg category)indoor tobacco smoking
44Action onPrimary energy sourceNuclear/electric power generationTJi/a1000
45Action onPrimary energy sourceNuclear/heat&powercogenerationTJi/a0
46Action onPrimary energy sourceNuclear/district heat generationTJi/a0
47Action onPrimary energy sourceHydro/elecrtic power generatorTJ/a100
48Action onPrimary energy sourceWind, solar, geothermal/electric power generationTJ/a1
49Action onPrimary energy sourceCoal/peat /electric power generationTJi/a100
50Action onPrimary energy sourceCoal/peat /heat&powercogenerationTJi/a1000
51Action onPrimary energy sourceCoal/peat /district heat generationTJ/a10
52Action onPrimary energy sourceCrude oil/electric power generationTJi/a0
53Action onPrimary energy sourceCrude oil/heat&powercogenerationTJi/a10
54Action onPrimary energy sourceCrude oil/district heat generationTJi/a100
55Action onPrimary energy sourceNatural gas/electric power generationTJi/a0
56Action onPrimary energy sourceNatural gas/heat&powercogenerationTJi/a100
57Action onPrimary energy sourceNatural gas/district heat generationTJi/a100
58Action onPrimary energy sourceBiomass/electric power generationTJi/a0
59Action onPrimary energy sourceBiomass/heat&powercogenerationTJi/a100
60Action onPrimary energy sourceBiomass/district heat generationTJi/a100
61Action onPrimary energy sourceMunicipal waste/electric power generationTJi/a0
62Action onPrimary energy sourceMunicipal waste/heat&powercogenerationTJi/a100
63Action onPrimary energy sourceMunicipal waste/district heat generationTJi/a10
64Impacts onUrban environment functionalityproximity to work and schoolAvg resid-work/school dist (percentiles)0
65Impacts onUrban environment functionalityproximity to commercial&public servicesAvg resid-supermarket/health care dist (percentiles)0
66Impacts onUrban environment functionalityproximity to rgeen areasAvg resid-park/forest dist (percetiles)0
67Impacts onUrban environment functionalityproximity to public street transportAvg resid-bustop dist (percetiles)0
68Impacts onUrban environment functionalitypriximity to public rail transportAvg resid-railstop dist (percetiles)0
69Impacts onUrban environment functionalitytrip distancekm, avg (percetalies)0
70Impacts onUrban environment functionalitytrip timeh, avg (percentiles)0
71Impacts onUrban environment functionalitytrip frequencyavg #/week0
72Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionwalk&bike for transport0
73Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionbut transportkg diesel/unit-km25
74Impacts onTransport fuel consumptiontram&trolleykWh electric power/unit-km100
75Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionsubway&trainkWh electric power/unit-km1000
76Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionautomobilekg petrol/unit-km8
77Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionscooterkg petrol/unit-km3
78Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionlorry
79Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionvan
80Impacts onTransport fuel consumptionrail
81Impacts onIAQindoor space/capm3/cap
82Impacts onIAQcrowdingcap/room
83Impacts onIAQsensory IAQ
84Impacts onIAQindoor temperature (when occupied)°C, TWA (percentiles)
85Impacts onIAQindoor RHRH,TWA (percentiles)
86Impacts onIAQindoor CO2ppm, TWA (percentiles)
87Impacts onIAQindoor noisedB, Lden
88Impacts onIAQindoor radonBq/m3
89Impacts onIAQproximity to motor traffic
90Impacts onGenerated heat/power & fuelselectric powerTJ/a976
91Impacts onGenerated heat/power & fuelsdistrict heatTJ/a1003
92End use of fuel, power & heatTransport fuel/powerpetrol in transportTJ/a0,0243
93End use of fuel, power & heatTransport fuel/powerdiesel in transportTJ/a0,0084375
94End use of fuel, power & heatTransport fuel/powerLNG in transportTJ/a0,0035
95End use of fuel, power & heatTransport fuel/powerliq biofuel in transportTJ/a0,00495
96End use of fuel, power & heatTransport fuel/powerel power in transportTJ/a0,0054
97End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings fuelfossil solid fuels in buildingsTJ/a100
98End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings fuelfuel oil in buildingsTJ/a100
99End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings fuelnatural gas in buildingsTJ/a100
100End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings fuelrenwable solid fuels in buildingsTJ/a100
101End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings fuelsolar in buildingsTJ/a100
102End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings power/heatel power in buildingsTJ/a1
103End use of fuel, power & heatBuildings power/heatdistr heat in buildingsTJ/a802,4
104EmissionsAP&GHG from trafficfine PM emissiont/a0
105EmissionsAP&GHG from trafficBC emissiont/a
106EmissionsAP&GHG from trafficCO2 emissiont/a3
107EmissionsAP&GHG from trafficCH4 emissiont/a0
108EmissionsAP&GHG from fuels used in buildingsfine PM emissiont/a900
109EmissionsAP&GHG from fuels used in buildingsSO2 emissiont/a0
110EmissionsAP&GHG from fuels used in buildingsNOx emissiont/a86
111EmissionsAP&GHG from fuels used in buildingsBC emissiont/a2421
112EmissionsAP&GHG from fuels used in buildingsCO2 emissiont/a38800
113EmissionsAP&GHG from fuels used in buildingsGH4 emissiont/a57
114EmissionsAP&GHG from heat/power generaion & fuel converaionfine PM emissiont/a63
115EmissionsAP&GHG from heat/power generaion & fuel converaionSO2 emissiont/a24
116EmissionsAP&GHG from heat/power generaion & fuel converaionNOx emissiont/a178
117EmissionsAP&GHG from heat/power generaion & fuel converaionBC emissiont/a1
118EmissionsAP&GHG from heat/power generaion & fuel converaionCO2 emissiont/a169930
119EmissionsAP&GHG from heat/power generaion & fuel converaionGH4t/a10
120Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime at home indoors%
121Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime at workplace/school/etc.%
122Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime in other indoor destinations%
123Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime at home outdoors%
124Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime in green outdoors%0
125Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime outdoors elsewhere%
126Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime in street traffic%0
127Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime in rail traffic%0
128Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitytime in other traffic%
129Time bidgetsTime-µenvironment-acivitybiking/walking%
130ExposureExposuretobacco smoke at home%0doers
131ExposureExposuretobacco smoke elsewhere%0doers
132ExposureExposuresolid fiel heating%doers
136ExposureExposurewinter cold%0doers
137ExposureExposuresummer heat%doers
138ExposureExposurenoise%/>...dBA Lden0doers
139ExposureExposureoutdoor air fine PMµg/m33384,279doers
141ExposureExposureproximity to traffic%0doers
142Policy outcomesWellbeing: satisfaction onhome indoor%satisfied
143Policy outcomesWellbeing: satisfaction onthermal comfort%satisfied
144Policy outcomesWellbeing: satisfaction onhome outdoor%satisfied
145Policy outcomesWellbeing: satisfaction onwork/school/etc.%satisfied
146Policy outcomesWellbeing: satisfaction ontransport mode/time%satisfied
147Policy outcomesWellbeing: satisfaction onurban environment%satisfied
148Policy outcomesHealthCV diseaseDALY/a6769
149Policy outcomesHealthlung cancerDALY/a3384
150Policy outcomesHealthasthma [symptoms]DALY/a0
151Policy outcomesHealthAU&LRIDALY/a0
152Policy outcomesTotal direct and indirect CO2 eqv. GHG emissionGHG emission from traffict/a199,59038734
153Policy outcomesTotal direct and indirect CO2 eqv. GHG emissionGHG emission from buildingst/a213112
154Policy outcomesTotal direct and indirect CO2 eqv. GHG emissionGHG emission from heat/power generationt/a169982,344

The connections between items is created using this kind of a table (here a wiki table format is used, but actually it should be a data table on a page called City-level climate policy model/equations). Proximity to work and school is used as an example. All causal dependencies are interpreted in the following way, where each equation defines one child:

Failed to parse (Missing <code>texvc</code> executable. Please see math/README to configure.): Child = \Sigma Parent_i * Coefficient_i

Dependencies of issues
Equation Step Topic Issue Role Coefficient Description
1 Impact on Urban environment functionality Proximity to work and school Child
1 Action on Urban development Population density Parent 1
1 Action on Urban development Land use efficiency Parent 2.2
1 Policy target Urban area Urban plan/zoning Parent 3.6


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