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Claih is a research project coordinated by KTL. The duration is 2009-2012. The main topics include: 
  • Topic: health impacts in Finland in 2030 under different climate change, energy use and building structure scenarios
  • Climate change scenarios: IPCC scenarios
    • A2 (heterogeneous world, rising population, slow technological change),
    • A1B (rapid growth of population and economy, advent on new and more efficient technologies, balanced use of fossil and renewable energy sources)
    • B1 (rapid development towards environmentally friendly technologies)
  • Energy production scenarios:
    • small scale wood combustion
    • district heating with alternative fuel options
  • Energy saving scenarios: energy efficiency of housing (heating, ventilation, heat recovery, insulation)
  • Exposures and health impacts included:
    • long-term exposure to PM2.5 and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity, effect of SES
    • long-term exposure to PM2.5 and asthma incidence
    • short term exposure to ozone and T extremes and cardiovascular and respiratory mortality and morbidity
    • housing characteristics (dampness and mould, fireplace combustion, ETS, air exchange) and development of asthma and allergies and occurrence or respiratory infections, effect of SES
  • Connections to mega case study:
    • HIA model and cost functions for several climate change and mitigation scenarios in Finland
    • ERFs for PM2.5, ozone, T in Finland
    • Information on health impacts of housing characteristics relevant to climate change and its mitigation

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