Climate change mitigation policies

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This page lists suggested policies that could decrease climate change.

Policies that affect via greenhouse gas emission reduction

Policies that do not affect greenhouse gas emissions

  • Roger Angel, University of Arizona: send thin glass lenses to L1 between the earth and sun
  • John Latham Manchester University, NCAR and Stephen Salter Edinburgh University: make ships that throw small sea water droplets into air and to increase cloud formation
  • Paul J. Crutzen, Max Planck Institute: burn hydrogen sulfide into sulphur dioxide in the stratosphere at ca 25 km altitute to decrease the sun radiation on the surface of the Earth.
  • Ian Jones, Sydney University: phytoplancton grows better when urea is added to sea. 80% of seas lack urea, but in 20% the limiting nutrient is iron.
  • Klaus Lackner, Columbia University (and Todd Forrest, New York botanic garden): CO2 can be absorbed from the atmosphere using NaOH.