Costs of unit emissions of air pollutants

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Costs of air pollutant emissions, expressed as costs per 1 kg of emission. The pollutants considered are PM2.5 and CO2.



Assumptions: Primary fine particle emissions of 24290 kg/a caused 12.5 deaths in a risk assessment study in Helsinki [1]. We here use the distribution of deaths per emission derived from that study. The value of a statistical life is 0.98-2 M€ [2]. The official value for road economy calculations is 201.879 e/kg [3]. This value is within the range derived from Tainio, but clearly lower than the mean.

CO2 emission price comes from the emission trade market. According to Helsingin Sanomat [4], it was 18 €/ton in 5 Apr, 2005, although it had been lower during previous months. In July, it was approaching 30 €/ton according to Taloussanomat. The official value for road economy calculations is 32 €/ton [3], which is within the range used here.


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