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Imagemap tool can be used for creating imagemaps (for example Analytica models which contain links to corresponding variables)

Quick help

Step 1:

Upload your image -file (right click and open link in new tab...)

Step 2:

After successful upload: Copy image's web location (right click on image and select Copy Image Location)

Step 3:

Use ImageMap -edit tool(right click and open link in new tab...) to generate Wiki -code for your image

  • Copy picture location to Load from URL box (right click and Paste). For example:
  • Add wiki -name of your picture to Name and click Load box. In this example case name is ImageMapExample.png
  • Use Rectangle, Circle and Polygon tools to select linking areas from picture
  • Add link names to Link box for all the areas you've selected from the picture
  • Code is now generated and you can can copy it from ImageMap Extension Code box

Step 4:

Paste generated ImageMap -code to your Wiki-page where you want to add ImageMap and you are done!

Example :

Error: Image is invalid or non-existent.