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The European Science Advisory Network for Health (EuSANH), founded in September 2006, is a network of national science advisory bodies in Europe which are active in the field of health.

The objective of EuSANH is to promote independent scientific advice on health issues to national and European health authorities and to support evidence-based health policy. Reports published to fulfil this objective may also be of interest to health professionals and the general public.

To achieve this goal EuSANH will focus on European exchange of information (national reports), mutual consultation of national experts, coordination of work programmes and the joint work on the preparation of European science advisory reports on health.

In February 2009, the EuSANH network established a joint working programme on Improving Science Advice for Health (EuSANH-ISA) with the general objective to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of science advice for health across Europe.

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