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KOPRA - An integrated model for evaluating the emissions, atmospheric dispersion and risks caused by ambient air fine particulate matter

Research team at KTL

  • Jouni Tuomisto, D.Med.Sc
  • Juha Pekkanen D.Med.Sc, docent
  • Marko Tainio, M.Sc

Finnish collaboration

  • Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI (Helsinki)
  • Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

International collaboration

  • Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, Boston, USA

Funding period

  • Years 2002-2005.


  • Tekes
  • The Ministry of the Environment

Contact person

  • Jouni Tuomisto


Environmental health research conducted during the 1990’s has shown that air pollutants are causing a substantially more important threat to public health than was previously evaluated. World Health Organization WHO has estimated that in Europe air pollution has caused 100 000 – 400 000 excess deaths annually.


The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive risk assessment model that estimates emissions, fate and transport, exposure, and health effects of fine particulate matter in Finland.


The study is divided into three parts. In the first part, the Finnish Environment Institute estimates emissions of particulate matter and precursors in Finland. In the second part, the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI estimates the dispersion of the particles, including chemical formation from the precursors. In the third part, KTL will estimate the exposure and health effects caused due the fine particles by using intake fractions method and estimating the dose-response coefficient from the literature. In the third part, the effect of the emissions reduction technology to public health is included to the model.


Key words