Methyl mercury intake from fish in Beneris

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What is the methylmercury intake from fish in the Beneris population?.



Data 1

Data 1 is expressed as µg/kg bw/year (or mg/kg bw/d?).

1: Data 1 should not be used, because there is ambiguity about the units. --Jouni 14:44, 16 September 2009 (EEST)


Exposure is calculated as a product of concentration data and fish consumption data. This is further divided by bodyweight to report exposure in relation to kg of bodyweight.

Fish species High consumption Median consumption Low consumption General population
Farmed salmon (sea+inland) 1.263e-005 3.274e-006 2.931e-007 3.477e-006
Wild salmon 7.477e-007 1.938e-007 1.735e-008 2.059e-007
Herring(sea) 1.332e-007 1.554e-008 1.554e-008 7.449e-007
White fish(sea) 2.060e-006 4.806e-007 4.806e-007 1.170e-007
Sprat(sea) 7.094e-013 7.094e-013 7.094e-013 2.915e-008
Perch(sea) 2.626e-006 1.026e-007 5.129e-008 1.943e-006
Flounder(sea) 1.774e-012 1.774e-012 1.774e-012 6.914e-009
Pike-perch(sea) 3.903e-012 3.903e-012 3.903e-012 2.842e-007
Bream(sea) 2.129e-012 2.129e-012 2.129e-012 5.323e-008
Pike(sea) 7.138e-006 8.551e-008 4.275e-008 1.807e-006
Vendace(sea) 1.428e-007 7.552e-009 1.762e-009 5.701e-008
Burbot(sea) 9.228e-012 9.228e-012 9.228e-012 7.936e-008
Wild salmon(inland) 1.499e-006 3.885e-007 3.478e-008 4.127e-007
White fish(inland) 8.716e-006 2.034e-006 2.034e-006 4.952e-007
Perch(inland) 3.044e-006 1.189e-007 5.944e-008 2.270e-006
Pike-perch(inland) 1.065e-011 1.065e-011 1.065e-011 1.045e-006
Bream(inland) 2.129e-012 2.129e-012 2.129e-012 2.401e-007
Pike(inland) 2.974e-005 3.562e-007 1.781e-007 7.555e-006
Vendace(inland) 3.589e-006 1.898e-007 4.429e-008 1.433e-006
Burbot(inland) 7.808e-012 7.808e-012 7.808e-012 4.456e-007

Data 2

Data 2 represents daily intake of methyl mercury by Finnish pregnant women and adults aged 18-55yr and 55yr+ due to fish consumption. The MeHg intakes from sea and freshwater species are estimated separately. The MeHg intake from a given fish species is calculated as a product of the MeHg concentration in this species and daily consumption of this species by target population subgroup divided by the body weight in this subgroup.

Fish species Mean MeHg intake by pregnant women
Baltic Herring 9.6058e-004
Vendace(inland) 7.1172e-004
Vendace(sea) 2.9655e-005
Whitefish(inland) 1.1148e-003
Whitefish(sea) 7.1276e-004
Pike(inland) 4.9823e-003
Pike(sea) 1.2235e-003
Perch(inland) 6.169e-004
Perch(sea) 5.8318e-004
Atlantic Salmon 1.2333e-003
Pike-perch(inland) 0
Pike-perch(sea) 0
Total fish 0.012169


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µg/kg bw/d



MeHg intake from fish is represented as a continuous variable and is indexed by variable age. It applies to Finnish pregnant women (this represents prenatal exposure to MeHg from fish), to the two last age categories (18-55yr, 55yr+) and to indicators such as intelligence quotient (IQ) in children and the risk of CVD mortality in adults.


Note! At the moment the results only apply to Finnish pregnant women.

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