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Moderator is a person who takes the responsibility of a page in Opasnet. Usually, the moderator is someone who needs the page for his own purposes, e.g. it is a part of an assessment he is conducting. The moderator may also be someone who wants the information to be correct, because other people are using it in their own assessments. Moderator keeps an eye on the page and its edits, and improves the structure and content. He also removes any vandalism from the page. The moderator does not have any formal position or higher rights than any contributor; his respect grows from a hard-working attitude. Therefore, anyone can become a moderator simply by acting as one. The Opasnet maintenance team tries to make sure that all active pages have a moderator. The moderator is typically mentioned in the metadata box of the page.

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How to sign up

You can become a moderator of a page simply by signing up for the task. Many pages have a meta-data box in the top right corner. The moderator(s), if any, are listed there. You can sign up by adding your username into the box. Click Edit on the top of the page (you must be logged in to do this), and find the template for the metadata box. Then add

|moderator = Your username

to the template like this:

{{variable|moderator = Your username}}

Depending on the page type, the template may be {{variable}}, {{assessment}}, {{study}}, {{method}}, {{nugget}}, {{tool}}, {{encyclopedia}}, or {{class}}. You can look for examples from existing pages, e.g. a study, and a variable.

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