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This page is about a mass collaboration project Open Assessors' Network. For a description about the project's website and workspace, see Opasnet.

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The Open Assessors' Network is a mass collaboration project for open assessors, that is people who are willing to promote the open assessment practices in the aim to improve societal decision-making. The major part of the collaboration happens on Opasnet, the website and workspace of this network: In addition, there is a plan that Open Assessors' Network should be developed into a registered society for people interested in open assessment; the current plan is called Avary (description in Finnish). The society could maintain the Opasnet website and publish the Journal of Open Assessment.

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How should Open Assessors' Network function to fulfil it purpose to

  • help interested people in making open assessments,
  • help people in learning skills needed in open assessments,
  • help skilled people in teaching their skills to others,
  • promote the enthusiasm and recruit new members, and
  • build the capacity to mobilise enough people to work on a new case even within hours?


  • Network is organised virtually using a Facebook group.
    • Members can post questions, tasks, and challenges on the wall.
  • Members can develop new skills for making open assessments. For a description, see Opasnet user skills.
    • Members can keep a record about their skills on a page User:Member/Skill. For description, see Aikakone (in Finnish).
    • Each skill must be verified and accepted by another member who already has that skill.
    • Some challenges and tasks (such as List of tasks for R experts) are only available to members with specific skills.
  • Tasks are pieces of work for which someone has promised to give compensation, such as money. At the moment, THL is the largest supplier of tasks that are paid for. There ares list of tasks from which anyone with enough skills can take a task and do it (after some administrative business). See List of open tasks, Avoimia tehtäviä (in Finnish), and List of tasks for R experts.
  • Challenges are like tasks but nobody has promised to pay for doing them. The motivation of doing challenges vary: they may be fun or challenging, or lead to social good. Also, social respect in the form of onors may be given to people who succeed in challenges, although this is difficult to promise by anyone beforehand. In addition, there is a challenge of developing the actual system of distributing respect in the form of onors.


The activities in Open Assessors' Network should be like a game: fun to do, socially attractive, and challenging so that step-by-step challenges that lead to more and more demanding tasks with higher and higher rewards.

Tasks that open assessors should be able to do

Main article: Opasnet user skills.

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