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Policy arena refers to governance of new applications science and technology, and arena effect is a concept for describing different approaches that this governance can take. The arena can be divided into four different areas according to two different dimensions: 1) actor induced: placid arenas or polarised arenas; 2) institutional: hierarchical arenas of participatory arenas. This typology has been developed by Mikko Rask. [1]

The arena effect relates to the ida of different knowledge production modes introduced by Gibbons et al, 2000. Mode 1 is the traditional knowledge production context, while mode 2 is institutionally distributed, produced in a context of application, problem-driven, and transdisciplinary.

The four policy arenas.
Placid Polarized
Hierarchic Mountain massif "Arena stabilized" Volcano "Arena alarmed"
Participatory Prairie "Arena expanded" Rapids "Arena floated"


  1. Mikko Rask: Expansion of expertise in the governance of science and technology. Dissertations of the National Consumer Research Centre 4, Helsinki, 2008. ISBN 978-951-698-187-4