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What is Open Assessors' Network?

Open Assessors' Network is a society promoting open, democratic decision making. It is independent of political parties and religions. Its members believe that when values and moral statements are more explicitly described and more systematically combined with scientific understanding, and this knowledge is used to guide decision making, the outcomes will improve. This approach may even be crucial with scientifically very complex problems or with problems where there are a large number of decision makers who each can decide about a small detail, but nobody is able to dictate the big picture alone. Open Assessors' Network utilises open assessment as the main method, and Opasnet as the primary workspace.

In Finland, Open Assessors' Network is being organised as an official society, Avointen arvioijien yhdistys Avary, or simply Avary. Currently, Avary does not exist as a society but only as a Facebook group: [1]

Anyone can solve common problems. Opasnet is the web workspace for solving them by you, and by us together.

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Active Task lists

Avary is looking for volunteers

Avary is looking for volunteers for the following positions and task groups:

  • Chairman of the society
  • Vice chairman of the society
  • Secretary of the society
  • Treasurer of the society
  • 1-4 other members to the council of the society
  • Task group R: people who have at least basic knowledge about statistical software R. Tasks:
    • To distribute and perform assessment modelling tasks.
    • To teach new people to use R in Opasnet.
    • To recruit new members to the group and Avary.
  • Task group Datavaalit 2012: people who are interested in promoting the idea of open data with the Finnish municipality elections in October 2012. Tasks:
    • To distribute and perform tasks related to Datavaalit 2012
    • To recruit new members to the group and Avary.