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Rating bar is an extension which can produce bar and star shaped ratings to a wiki page. More information about extension can be found from http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Rating_Bar

Updating ratings with Bayes

Peer rating is described by a beta probability distribution with parameters a and b. There should be a prior that is rather flat but clearly have a tail to the right. The mean could be e.g. 0.3. Then, there should be an analytical solution to what happens to a and b when one additional vote comes in. The result is shown on the rating bar as the mean but also as the 90 % confidence interval. Mean should be a symbol and the coloured bar should stand for the confidence interval, not mean like now.

TODO: {{#todo:Katsokaapas tätä ideaa ja kommentoikaa. Kunhan rauhoittuvat työt, voisi tämänkin miettiä. Teemulle luonnostaan lankeaa tuo analyyttinen ratkaisu. Tietotekniseen rating barin viilaaminen voisi kysyä Teemu K:ta, ellei joku muu tunne koodia riittävästi.|Juha Villman, Teemu Rintala, Einari Happonen|Opasnet}}


See discussion about the scale D↷ and peer rating.

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