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NOTE! The Metadata box does NOT end in this template. The end mark |} must be placed into the template of the particular object type. op_fi:objekti]] Category:Object type]]

Templates of the Object family


This template contains the parts that are common to all object pages. This template is always called from another object-type template (see below).


  • category: category of the object type.
  • type: object type (variable, assessment, study,...)
  • moderator: username of a person that looks after this page and tries to keep it tidy. Moderators should watch their pages.
  • respect: amount of onors the page has received. This is typically based on a review. This is an alternative way to measure the goodness of a page to the rating bar. Too little experience exists to know what works and what doesn't.
  • stub: if this parameter has a value, the page is a stub, which means that the rating bar is not shown.


This is the most common object type.


  • All parameters for Template:Object are given through Template:Variable.
    • category = Variables and type = variable. These are always the same.
    • moderator, respect, and stub are asked directly as parameters of Template:Variable.
  • Parameters for Template:Resultlink are given through Template:Variable. (NOTE! These parameters are not actually functional yet):
    • upload: As a default, Show result shows the newest results uploaded. However, if the upload parameter is given, the upload with that particular act.series_id (see Opasnet base structure will always be shown even if newer results are uploaded.
    • base: As a default, result is stored to and retrieved from Opasnet Base. Using base parameter, another database may be defined.
  • reference: This parameter, if exists, contains the whole Template:Publication, within which are its own parameters.
    • authors: authors of this page. This is based on the history of the page, or on the Acknowledgements section on the talk page.
    • name: The name of the page where the template is used. This must be a parameter, because this template is used for a dpl summary functionality, and simply using {{PAGENAME}} would result in the page name of the output page, not the page where the template is used.
    • urn: unified resource name of this page, if any. You can obtain an urn from here.
    • elsewhere: If the page has been published elsewhere, a reference for that.
  • 1: Due to compatibility reasons with old pages, if the first parameter given does not have a name, it is assumed that it is a name of a category.
  • addinfo: any content that you want to be shown up in the metadatabox under the rating bar.