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Erkki Kuusisto (visiting researcher)

Main topic of research:
Health impact analysis of community noise.
Contact info:
Assessment and modelling unit,
Department of Environmental Health,
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).
POB 95, FIN-70701 Kuopio, Finland.
Tel. +358-29-524 6391; +358-40-841 5665


  • PhD (Neurosciences), University of Kuopio, Finland
  • MSc (Cell Biology), University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • MSc (Engineering Physics), Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Selected publications

  • J. Viiri, J.M.T. Hyttinen, T. Ryhänen, K. Rilla, T. Paimela, E. Kuusisto, A. Siitonen, A. Urtti, A. Salminen, K. Kaarniranta: p62/sequestosome 1 as a regulator of proteasome inhibitor-induced autophagy in human retinal pigment epithelial cells. Mol. Vis. 16: 1399-1414 (2010).
  • T. Ryhänen, J.M. Hyttinen, J. Kopitz, K. Rilla, E. Kuusisto, E. Mannermaa, J. Viiri, C.I. Holmberg, I. Immonen, S. Meri, J. Parkkinen, E.L. Eskelinen, H. Uusitalo, A. Salminen, K. Kaarniranta: Crosstalk between Hsp70 molecular chaperone, lysosomes and proteasomes in autophagy-mediated proteolysis in human retinal pigment epithelial cells. J. Cell. Mol. Med. 13: 3616-3631 (2009).
  • E. Kuusisto, T. Kauppinen, I. Alafuzoff: Use of p62 / SQSTM1 antibodies for neuropathological diagnosis. Neuropathol. Appl. Neurobiol. 34: 169-180 (2008).
  • P.H. Kiviranta, H.S. Salo, J. Leppänen, V.M. Rinne, S. Kyrylenko, E. Kuusisto, T. Suuronen, A. Salminen, A. Poso, M. Lahtela-Kakkonen, E.A. Wallén: Characterization of the binding properties of SIRT2 inhibitors with a N-(3-phenylpropenoyl)-glycine tryptamide backbone. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 16:8054-8062 (2008).
  • A.J. Tervo, T. Suuronen, S. Kyrylenko, E. Kuusisto, P.H. Kiviranta, A. Salminen, J. Leppänen, A. Poso: Discovering Inhibitors of Human Sirtuin Type 2: Novel Structural Scaffolds. J. Med. Chem. 49, 7239-7241 (2006).
  • E. Kuusisto, L. Parkkinen, I. Alafuzoff: Morphogenesis of Lewy bodies: dissimilar incorporation of -synuclein, ubiquitin, and p62. J. Neuropathol. Exp. Neurol. 62, 1241-1253 (2003).
  • E. Kuusisto, A. Salminen, I. Alafuzoff: Early accumulation of p62 in neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer’s disease: possible role in tangle formation. Neuropathol. Appl. Neurobiol. 28, 228-237 (2002).
  • E. Kuusisto, A. Salminen, I. Alafuzoff: Ubiquitin-binding protein p62 is present in neuronal and glial inclusions in human tauopathies and synucleinopathies. NeuroReport 12, 2085-2090 (2001).
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  • M. Roschier, E. Kuusisto, T. Suuronen, P. Korhonen, S. Kyrylenko, A. Salminen: Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5 and type-1 insulin-like growth factor receptor are differentially regulated during apoptosis in cerebellar granule cells. J. Neurochem. 76, 1-11 (2001).
  • M. Roschier, E. Kuusisto, A. Salminen: A differential display protocol to identify differentially expressed mRNAs in potassium-deprived cerebellar granule cells. Brain Res. Brain Res. Protoc. 5, 121-131 (2000).
  • M. Valden, J. Aaltonen, E. Kuusisto, M. Pessa, C. J. Barnes: 1994. Molecular beam studies of CO oxidation and CO-NO reactions on a supported Pd catalyst. Surf. Sci. 307-309, 193-198 (1994).
  • K. Imai, E. Kuusisto, J. Lilja, M. Pessa, D. Suzuki, H. Ozaki, K. Kumazaki: Electrical characterization of Li-doped ZnSe grown by molecular beam epitaxy. J. Crystal Growth 117, 406-409 (1992).