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Home work 1

(1)Q: What is the mean purpose of environmental health assessment?

A: To provide deliberate plans of actions that guide environmental decisions aimed at desired outcomes on human health and well being.

(2)Q: What are the properties of good assessment?

A: i. Quality of content- it must be informative, exact and coherent
ii. Applicability of assessment- information provided must be relevant,available to the intended users,useful and acceptable by the users.
iii. The resource expenditure of producing the assessment output must be efficient.

(3)Q: What is co-creation skills?

A: Co-creation skills are practical experience needed to execute and manage an open decision process. The main skills are:
i. Encouragement:ability to coordinate people to participate in the decision process and produce useful information.
ii. Synthesis: structuring information collected from different people into useful format.
iii. Open data: converting data into machine readable formats.
iv. Skills to develop actual assessment models from collected data.

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Home work 2

  • Tilapia zillii
  • Decision Analysis and Risk Assessment using open policy practice
  1. shared understanding
  2. answers
  3. questions

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Internal link: Analysis of fishes response to lead

External link: [[1]]

Effect of Lead analysis
Fish Lead conc.
345 32
0.37 1.89