Donate information or data to the fight against climate change

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Usually, people are asked to donate money for a good purpose. If you are a researcher, you probably have something more important: information. We (the Open Assessors' Network) want to give politicians as accurate and detailed advice about fighting the climate change as possible. We are a large group of researchers, who have joined forces to make assessments about climate change policies (in its broad meaning, as most policies have climate impacts). We need different kinds of information for these assessments.

  • Some information is easily available, but we are too few to collect it all for ourselves.
  • Some information is published scientific information, but actually the detailed data that was used as the basis is not available. As a researcher, you may have this precious original data that is needed in the assessment models.
  • You may know that some other researchers have data that we might need. Please make contacts and ask for the data for us.

Look at the list of the most wanted information below.

  • List of variables, based on their value of information scores. The score is the current expected value of perfect information (EVPI) for that variable in an assessment where it is used. If the variable is used in several assessments, it is the sum of EVPIs across all assessments.