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Wreckamovie is a collaborative website for making movies. Its most famous production is Star Wreck (2005). The largest current production is Iron Sky.

Wreckamovie is interesting also as a mass collaboration project organising large groups of fans in different tasks in movie-making.

The website is organised along the topics

  • Home
  • Productions (attributes: Type, Phase, Launched, Website, Budget, License, Produced by, Directed by, Written by, Production Leader, Synopsis, Latest tasks)
    • Productions may have members with attributes: Number of members, Name, Motivation, Role (production leader, assistant leader, member), Location, Karma
  • Tasks (attributes: Created at, Created by, Deadline, Shots given, Reference media, Thumbs ranking [with a poll bar for each shot], Description, Wreckupations [e.g. Director, Writer, ...], Shots [shots include a possibility for comments or thumbs-up])
  • Activity : List of recently uploaded shots, given comments, assigned tasks, ...
  • People: Name, Karma, Location, Wreckupation [3D Artist, Actor, Cinemato- and photographer, Composer, Concept / Storyboard Artist, Costume Designer, Director, Film Editor, Graphic Designer, Lawyer, Lighting, Make-up Artist, Marketing / PR, Producer, Prop / Set Builder, Software Developer, Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Translator, VFX / SFX Artist, Writer]

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