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The open risk assessments produce the core of content in the content management system (CMS). Typically the information flow in the content management system comes in a freely structured form from external sources through the data gateway and into the encyclopedia. This freely structured content is then synthesized as components of open risk assessment products. The open risk assessment products are formalized descriptions of reality as assessment-, variable- and class-level objects, which can be further manipulated within the information structure. The products of open risk assessment processes are also set openly available for others to use and develop.

The differences between open risk assessments and private risk assessments is that in private risk assessments both the participation in the process is limited, and the products of private risk assessments are not set freely available for others. Restrictions of access (either to process or products) are not necessarily complete either/or questions. It is possible for example to restrict access only to some parts of the products due to e.g. secrecy or sensitivity of certain variables.