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Marjo Niittynen, KTL

Marjo Niittynen


National Public Health Institute Department of Environmental Health P.O.Box 95 , FI-70701 Kuopio


phone: +358 20 610 6xxx, fax: +358 20 610 6498

Areas of interest

  • Dioxin toxicology
  • heme metabolism
  • combining of epidemiology and toxicology


  • M.Sc. in biochemistry (University of Turku)
  • Postgraduate student in toxicology (University of Kuopio)

Selected publications

  • Niittynen, M., Tuomisto, J.T., Auriola, S., Pohjanvirta, R., Syrjälä, P., Simanainen, U., Viluksela, M., and Tuomisto, J. (2003) 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)-induced accumulation of biliverdin and hepatic peliosis in rats. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 71, 112-123. [This article was selected as a “Toxicological Highlight” in the journal: Maines, M.D. (2003) Bile pigments: newcomers to the cell signaling arena. TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 71, 9-10].
  • Lindfors, K., Viiri, K.M., Niittynen, M., Heinonen, T.Y., Mäki, M., and Kainulainen, H. (2003) TGF-β induces the expression of SAP30L, a novel nuclear protein. BMC GENOMICS 4(1):53.
  • Tuomisto J.T., Tuomisto J., Tainio M., Niittynen M., Verkasalo P., Vartiainen T., Kiviranta H., Pekkanen J. (2004) Risk-benefit analysis of eating farmed salmon. SCIENCE 305, 476-477.
  • Pohjanvirta, R., Niittynen, M., Lindén, J., Boutros, P.C., Moffat, I.D., and Okay, A.B. (2006) Evaluation of various housekeeping genes for their applicability for normalization of mRNA expression in dioxin-treated rats. CHEMICO-BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS 160, 134-149.


Key words