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Category:Main category Objects are distinct pieces of information in the Opasnet system. Typically, they are Wiki pages, possibly with related information in the Result database or the File management system. Object can be classified into different types based on their usage in the Opasnet. Some objects are formal objects and they have a structure determined by the open assessment method. Other objects are freely structured.


What are the types of objects that are needed in an open assessment such that they include the necessary formal objects and any other pieces of information that is critically useful in performing an open assessment or reading it?



Formal objects:

Freely structured objects based on the overall format:

  • Nugget (distinct authors, stationary in time or only limited number of versions)
  •  :Category:Encyclopedia article|Encyclopedia article]] (open authorship, dynamic editing in time. These are typically like :en:Main Page|Wikipedia]] articles.
  • Technical objects. These are e.g. images or category pages that do not have a before mentioned role in the system. Note that some images may be risk assessment models, and then they are actually operationalised methods. Also, some categories may contain a specific scientific question, and then they are actually variables. Therefore, the technical properties (e.g. the wiki namespace) do NOT determine the object type.


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