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This page contains a list of all open Plantlibra deliverables. Note that some deliverables are developed in [[Heande], the closed part of Opasnet, and they can be found from here: Category:Plantlibra deliverables.

Benefit-risk assessment of food supplements

  • Name: DWP5-1 Risk-benefit methodologies
  • Responsible partner: THL, Jouni
  • Deadline: June 2011
  • Status: Draft submitted, comments received and included

Benefit-risk assessment of plant-based food supplements

  • Name: DWP5-8 Report on (health) burden of PFS and full risk-benefit assessments and results of validation.
  • Deadline: April 2014
  • Responsible partner: Hylo
  • Status: Drafting of the scope started.

Meta-database of biologically active compounds

  • Name: DWP5-10 Database interface for risk-benefit assessment
  • Responsible partner: THL, Olli
  • Deadline: March 2014
  • Status: Not started

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