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Risk assessment projects describe research and communication projects that deal with environmental health risks and risk assessments.

The European Union has funded a large number of research projects in this field in recent years. The final results of the EU Fifth Framework Programme of Research [FP5]-funded projects are available at [1] and [2].

The EU is also funding a number of risk assessment projects in the Sixth Framework Programme of Research (FP6)[3]. Examples of projects include:

  • ATHON (Impact of non-dioxin-like PCBs on neurobehavioural, reproductive and developmental toxicity, and tumour promotion)[4].
  • SAFEFOODS (Promoting food safety through a new integrated risk analysis approach for foods) [5].
  • ERAPHARM Environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals ([6])
  • INTARESE (Integrated assessment of health risks from environmental stressors in Europe) [[7]]
  • NOMIRACLE (Novel methods for integrated risk assessment of cumulative stressors in Europe) nomiracle
  • NORMAN (Network of reference laboratories and related organisations for monitoring and biomonitoring of emerging environmental pollutants) [[8]]
  • OSIRIS (Optimized strategies for risk assessment of chemicals based on intelligent testing) [[9]]
  • 2-FUN (Full-chain and UNcertainty approaches for assessing health risks in FUture eNvironmental scenarios) [[10]]
  • CAIR4HEALTH (Clean Air for Health – research needs for sustainable development policies)[[11]]
  • HEIMTSA (Health and Environment Integrated Methodology and Toolbox for Scenario Assessment) [[12]]
  • HENVINET (Health and Environment Network) [[13]]
  • MICRODIS (Integrated health, social and economic impacts of extreme events: Evidence, methods and tools) no website yet

There is summary information available from the EU on some of the projects listed above. [14].

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