EMEP-MSCE: Modelled POP concentrations in soil

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This page provides a description and a link to a "EMEP-MSCE: Modelled POP concentrations in soil" database that provides information needed when modeling exposure levels or performing exposure assessment.

Short Description

MSC-E produces maps on modelled concentrations of POPs at the regional level (Europe, up to 2001) or for the northern hemisphere. Concentrations are modelled starting from emissions to air (by country) and by using a multimedia fate and transfer model. Comparison exercises between modelled and measured soil concentrations are available for some POPs (HCH, HCB). By June 2004, following POPs are included into the modellering activities: PAHs, PCDD/Fs, PCBs, -HCH, HCB and the new substances: HCBD, PeCB, PCN-47, -endosulphan, dicofol. Maps for soil are at present available for benzo(b)fluoranthene, PCDD/Fs, PCBs, -HCH and HCB. Data are regularly updated. Maps are available from the website. Numerical data are available on request.

Long Description

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Regional coverage

Global: northern hemisphere

Key Words

pops, persistent organic pollutants, pcbs, pahs, dioxins, soil, air, modelling