Internet Geographical Exposure Modeling System (IGEMS)

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This page provides a description and a link to a "Internet Geographical Exposure Modeling System (IGEMS)" modeling tool that can be used for modeling exposure levels or information needed in exposure assessment.

Short description

The new IGEMS is a modernization of OPPT's older Graphical Exposure Modeling System and PCGEMS tools. IGEMS brings together in one system several EPA environmental fate and transport models and some of the environmental data needed to run them. IGEMS includes models and data for ambient air, surface water, soil, and ground water, and makes the models much easier to use than their stand-alone counterparts. IGEMS will have graphics and Geographical Information System (GIS) capabilities for displaying environmental modeling results. The tool is in beta testing phase, and it demands free registration.


Key words

environmental fate and transport, exposure, modeling, air, water, soil