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This page provides a description and a link to a "PAN Pesticides Database" database that provides information needed when modeling exposure levels or performing exposure assessment.

Short description

The PAN Pesticide Database brings together a diverse array of information on pesticides from many different sources, providing human toxicity (chronic and acute), ecotoxicity and regulatory information for about 6,400 pesticide active ingredients and their transformation products, as well as adjuvants and solvents used in pesticide products.

Long description

This database of active ingredients has been integrated with the U.S. EPA product databases, which provide information on formulated products (the form of the pesticide that growers and consumers purchase for use) containing the active ingredients. The information is most complete for pesticides registered for use in the United States.

List of some of the features in PAN:

  • Chemical Search or Alphabetized Chemical List
  • Product Search
  • Pesticide Poisoning Diagnostic Tool
  • International Pesticide Registration
  • Aquatic Ecotoxicity
  • California Pesticide Use
  • California AirPIC
  • California WaterPIC
  • Pesticide Tutorial and Reference
  • Least/Non-Toxic Alternatives
  • Links to Other Resources


Key words

human health, environmental effects, pesticides, toxicity, carcinogenity