Principles of Characterizing and Applying Human Exposure Models

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This page provides a description and a link to a "Principles of Characterizing and Applying Human Exposure Models" guidance document that can be used for exposure assessment.

Short description

"Harmonization Project Document No. 3 provides descriptions and applications of some published exposure models to illustrate both the principles and practices of exposure modeling, but it does not attempt to provide a comprehensive list of existing exposure models. Rather, the focus of this report is on discussing general properties of exposure models and how they should be described. The characteristics of different modeling frameworks are examined, and 10 principles are recommended for characterizing, evaluating and using exposure models in order to help model users select and apply the most appropriate models. The report also discusses issues such as validation, input data needs, time resolution and extrapolation of the model results to different populations and scenarios."


Key words

exposure models, modeling