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This page provides a description and a link to a "TRIM.FaTE" modeling tool that can be used for modeling exposure levels or information needed in exposure assessment.

Short description

TRIM.FaTE is a spatially explicit, compartmental mass balance model that describes the movement and transformation of pollutants over time, through a user-defined, bounded system that includes both biotic and abiotic compartments. Outputs include pollutant concentrations in multiple environmental media and biota, and also biota and pollutant intakes (e.g., mg/kg-day). Significant features of TRIM.FaTE include: (1) a fully coupled multimedia model; (2) user flexibility in defining scenarios, in terms of the links among compartments, and number and types of compartments, as appropriate for the application spatial and temporal scale; (3) transparent, user-accessible algorithm and input library that allows the user to review and modify how environmental transfer and transformation processes are modeled; (4) a full accounting of all of the pollutant as it moves among environmental compartments during simulation; (5) an embedded procedure to characterize uncertainty and variability; and (6) the capability to provide exposure estimates for ecological receptors.


Key words

modeling, fate, transport, transfer, exposure, risk