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Homework 1

Homework 1a: Open policy practice

# : Good. But the word is methodology, not mythology which is a different thing. --Jouni (talk) 07:25, 20 April 2017 (UTC)

Q: What is benefit-risk assessment?

A: It is a kind of methodology used for assessing the risk and benefits of some considers like health, the mythology is about collecting, analyzing and synthesizing the information about the issue needed to be assessed.

Q: What are the dimensions of openness?

A: The five dimensions of openness are:

 1. Scope of participation, it means the population allowed to participate.
 2. Access to information, it means what kind of imformation is available to the participants.
 3. Timing of openness, it means the time when the participants are allowed to participate.
 4. Scope of contribution, it means the aspects that particpants are allowed to contribute to,
 5. Impact of contribution, it means how much influence it is the contribution that participants make.

Q: What parts does the open policy practice consist of?

A: Open policy has four parts:

 1. shared understanding (major target of the work)
 2. execution
 3. evaluation and management
 4. co-creation skills and facilitation

the website and material of references:

open policy practice

Openness in participation, assessment, and policy making upon issues of environment and environmental health: a review of literature and recent project results

Homework 1b: Learn the terms in Quizlet


Homework 1c: Introduction to critical thinking


Homework 1d: Introduction to probabilities


Homework 3

Task A

I have read homeworks 1 and 2

I have read Glossary Terms in open policy practice

I have read the introductory pages



Task B