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This page provides a description and a link to a "WISE - My River Basin District" database that provides information needed when modeling exposure levels or performing exposure assessment.

Short description

River Basin Districts (RBDs) are the main units for the management of river basins and have been delineated by European Union Member States. Using the WISE, you can view the geographic area of the International and National RBDs at the European level and access more information on the RBDs. You can locate Eionet-Water River monitoring stations and see the mean annual data on nutrients and organic pollution indicators for 2005. You can select bathing water sites and see their historical record of compliance with the European Quality Objectives. You can select agglomerations and see the type of sewage treatment it provides.



Key words

Rivers, basins, districts, RBD, water, monitoring, nutrients, organic pollution indicators, sewage treatment, bathing, surface water