Water companies in England and Wales

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Category:Index]]Intarese:Index:Area Area identifier of zone for which different monitoring data is available (e.g. water companies. water supply zones, counties etc.). In this case we have used England & Wales water companies (in 2007).

ANG Anglian Water
BRL Bristol Water
BWH Bournemouth & West hants
CAW Cambridge Water
CHO Cholderton Water
DVW Dee Valley Water
DWR Welsh Water
ESK Essex and Suffolk Water
FLK Folkestone & Dover Water
HRT Hartlepool Water
MKT Mid Kent Water
NWL Northumbrian Water
PRT Portsmouth Water
SES Sutton & East Surrey Water
SEW South East Water
SRN Southern Water
SST South Staffordshire Water
SVT Severn Trent Water
SWT South West Water
THD Tendring Hundred Water
TMS Thames Water
TVW Three Valleys Water
UUT United Utilties (North West Water)
WSX Wessex Water
YKS Yorkshire Water