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How to curate Opasnet pages so that

  • when curated, they are viewed as credible sources of scientific information in the same way (or better) as a website of a government research institute or university,
  • the information is in a useful format for many different use purposes (knowledge crystal is the preferred format)?


  • The page must have a named curator that is an expert in the field and has an affiliation in an institute considered credible in the area. Curator acts as the moderator of the page, and their username is given in the page type template (assessment, method, variable etc).
  • There must be a Progression class template describing the level of quality of the page. It must contain
    • the name (and preferably logo) of the institute from which the curator comes and has agreed to give its name to back up the quality. Information about the curating institute is put into a template which is named "Template:Progression class/Institute", and then it is called as "curator=Institute" in the Progression class template.
    • the date when the curator has last checked the content of the page and given their evaluation about the quality. Format used: 2016-03-21.

For more detailed instructions, see Template:Progression class.


Based on progression class idea, which has been applied in Opasnet for years.

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