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Structure of the booklet

The aim of this booklet is to give information on PCBs and dioxins as you need it, without having to read through all possible scientific details, but having an option to reach some whenever necessary. Therefore the structure is dictionary-like; after a short introductory chapter, all data are at specific entries in alphabetic order. Some references to further reading and the most essential sources are occasionally given. Since dioxin literature is full of phrases and definitions which are not part of everyday language, some crucial pieces of general information are also given, starting from the measures of picogram quantities all the way through some basic facts on pharmacokinetics, the fate and behaviour of chemicals in our body. The editors wish you an interesting journey rambling in the exiting world of the chemicals of the year. A www-version of this booklet will be available and updated at Dioxin synopsis page in Opasnet. Therefore, comments and improvements will be appreciated: e-mail Jouko.Tuomisto[at]thl.fi.

Jouko Tuomisto, Terttu Vartiainen, Jouni T. Tuomisto

The booklet has been distributed into the Opasnet website. See also the introductory pages:

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