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Ecolego is a software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Ecolego can be used for conducting risk assessments of complex dynamic systems. Ecolego has specialised databases and other add-ons designed for the field of radiological risk assessment.

Ecolego is a stand-alone software, but can be used together with the Simulink® toolbox of the MATLAB® platform. Ecolego is platform independent and runs on Win2000/XP/Vista, MacOSX, Linux and Unix. However, to connect to Simulink and/or MATLAB, only Win2000/XP/Vista is supported. The graphical user interface (GUI) is written in Java™. Ecolego has been financed by SSI, Sweden [1] and NRPA, Norway [2].

Some features:

  • Creation of models using interaction matrices.
  • Support for probabilistic simulations using either Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube sampling.
  • Built-in parameter and radionuclide database.
  • External parameter database connection for sharing and management of quality assured project parameters.
  • Parameter sensitivity analysis.
  • Generates full reports that can be saved in many different formats. Possibility for creation of plots and tables of simulation results.
  • Access to functions, numerical solvers, toolboxes and graphical capabilities of MATLAB/Simulink. Possibility to call user-written functions in MATLAB and user-designed Simulink models during simulation.
  • Export and import of parameter values and results to/from Microsoft Excel.

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