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The European ECO Forum (ECO Forum) is ad hoc Coalition of environmental citizens’ organisations (ECOs) and other NGOs acting in the UNECE region and primarily focusing on the "Environment for Europe" (EfE) Ministerial process. The European ECO Forum also takes active part in the "Environment and Health" process.

The European ECO Forum was established in preparation to the Lucerne EfE Ministerial Conference (1993) under the name of Pan-European NGO Coalition. ECO Forum coordinates NGO participation and involvement in the EfE process. In preparation to all previous EfE Ministerial Conferences ECO Forum facilitated NGO participation in the official preparatory process, Task Forces, Working Groups and other intergovernmental meetings and negotiations, developed NGO position papers on EfE themes and Ministerial conference agenda items and submitted these documents to the Ministers as well as widely disseminated in the region.

ECO Forum develops its contributions on the basis of broad and inclusive consultation process among all interested environmental citizens groups in the UNECE region. The main decision-making body is Plenary (meetings are organised during EfE Ministerial conferences and in preparation to them in order to coordinate NGO input in the preparatory process). In period between plenaries all ECO Forum activities are coordinated by the Coordination Board (CB), composed of the ECO-Forum Issue Groups (IG) coordinators, Chairperson and Treasurer.

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