Exposure to PM2.5 in Finland

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How to estimate exposure to fine particles (PM2.5) in the Finnish population? Only outdoor sources are considered here.


Use source-receptor matrix (e.g. the so-called PILTTI matrix) to estimate exposure levels and population sizes around a given source point. Georeference and source strength must be given. The concentrations per unit emission around the source and population density across Finland are already known in the system.


Dispersion modelling

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Based on Piltti source-receptor matrix.

Emission and city area locations

A previous table about emission locations in Kuopio was moved to Kuopio energy production and that about Kuopio city district was moved to Building stock in Kuopio.

Intake fractions of PM

A previous table by Humbert et al 2011 was moved to Intake fractions of PM.


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