Effects of Hämeenkyrö MSWI on economy

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Effects of Hämeenkyrö municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) plant on economy. What effects does the possible MSWI have on the economy of Hämeenkyrö within the next 10 - 20 years (and especially the current gas energy plant)?



The estimate of employment during the building of the MSWI plant is 50-60 person-years. During the operation, the plant is estimated to employ either directly or indirectly 60-70 employees. [1] The employment and economic effects of a bioenergy plant of the same size would probably be of the same magnitude.

On the other hand, if the MSWI plant is build, it will deteriorate the economy of the current gas combi power plant, and thus it may have negative economical impacts.

One argument for the MSWI has been the need to guarantee the energy with a reasonable price to the sawmill and the cardboard factory. [2] From this perspective, the MSWI may have a positive impact when improving the survival of the current industry in Hämeekyrö.

Waste incinerator is going to be a quite significant employer in Hämeenkyrö. It is also noted that price of gas energy is rising so it might be necessary to build the waste incinerator to guarantee low priced energy for M-real cardboard factory and Finnforest sawmill. Shutdown of either of these factory could be devastating to Hämeenkyrö's economy (employs over 300 persons). Shutdown of gas energy plant is not crucial (employs only 24 people).

Other economical effects: R↻

  • Ash utilisation as fertilizer or other way
  • Property value changes

Input data

  • Persons employed
    • gas energy plant (24 person)
    • starting phase of the municipal solid waste incinerator (50 - 60 person-year)
    • working phase of municipal solid waste incinerator (60 - 70 persons)
    • M-Real cardboard factory (335 persons)
    • Finnforest Sawmill (? persons)
  • Tax incomes
    • directly to Hämeenkyrö
    • directly to Pirkanmaa
    • indirect taxes (Sawmill, cardboard factory and waste incinerator)


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€ or employed persons



Worst-case scenario:

  • No waste incinerator or bioplant, shutdown of both factories and gas plant
    • Over 300 person less are employed

Best-case scenario:

  • Waste incinerator is built, both factories and gas plant remains
    • over 70 persons more are employed

OK-case scenario:

  • Waste incinerator is built, both factories remains, gas plant is shut down
    • about 50 persons more are employed