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Hatchery is a page type in Opasnet. On a hatchery page, new ideas are being developed before creating formal objects out of them. The aim is to facilitate the process of creating and throwing ideas before they clearly belong to or form a formal object.

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What are the structure and properties of a hatchery?



  • Blogs are an example of information objects that are following the idea of a hatchery. In contrast to traditional static journal articles (which would be nuggets in Opasnet, blogs are interactive, and the discussion and idea development with readers is an essential part of them.


  • Hatcheries should be categorised to Category:Hatchery.
  • Hatcheries have a free structure. However, each hatchery should have a common theme that gives a hint what kinds of ideas are being discussed there.
  • If an Opasnet contributor keeps a blog, the object type of the blog is a hatchery.

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