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INTARESE (Integrated Assessment of Health Risks of Environmental Stressors in Europe) is a research project in the European Union Sixth framework programme [1]. The project duration is November 2005- January 2011. (Integrated project in Global Change and Ecosystems, project number 018385).

The overall aims of the project are:

  1. to develop a conceptual framework within which to bring together the latest scientific evidence across all the relevant environmental sectors and disciplines as a basis for integrated assessment of both environmental and health impacts and risks;
  2. to address the scientific and information deficits that currently exist.
  3. informed by this work, to build an operational toolbox for integrated assessment that can be applied to different stressors and environmental media (air pollution, water pollution, climate change etc), settings (ambient, domestic, occupational) and agents (chemicals, solid wastes, natural hazards, noise etc).
  4. to apply this approach to undertake integrated assessments for a range of key policy areas, including transport, housing, agricultural land use, water management, household chemicals, waste management and climate.

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PARTICIPANT LIST see project website [2]


Integrated assessment, integrated environmental health impact assessment, IEHIA, open assessment, decision analysis, environmental health.


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