Mercury and methyl mercury concentrations in fish

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This page exists because it was a part of an assessment. However, the data was later updated and merged with another variable: Mercury concentrations in fish in Finland. This page is kept for archival reasons.

  • For the archived version (29 January 2011, at 17:55), see [2] (archived 19 April 2017).
  • Analytica code can be found from a previous version from 16:21, 21 August 2009
    • This version also has a description about how the data e.g. in the graph was produced.
  • The mercury data includes total mercury concentrations of fish species.[1]
  • Probability distributions of the concentration of methyl mercury (MeHg) in various fish species were extracted from [2]
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  1. Methyl mercury: EU-kalat elintarvikeviraston julkaisuja 3/2004. Page 13.
  2. A.Karjalainen, 2007. Unpublished data, a password needed