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Network for science-based policies is a network of politicians and authorities who believe that policies should be based on science. Too many decisions have been made based on false assumptions, and these decisions rarely lead to success. Therefore, the network makes a commitment to carefully learn the things that science has to advice for an upcoming policy. The network wants to avoid mistakes in policies. The best way is to critically assess the policies against scientific knowledge, and then adjust the policies accordingly.

If you are a politician, you can sign the declaration and join the group that is being informed about recent developments.

I believe that science has an important message for policy-making. I want to hear that message before I make decisions. If I learn that the policy I am supporting is ineffective or does not lead to the desired outsomes, I will make a serious effort to improve the policy before it is finalised. I also want to promote the idea of science-based policy publicly. Therefore, my name can be found from the supporters' list.

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