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Code for R for the purpose of interacting with the Opasnet Base is collected on this page. To use it, copy paste the code you need to the R console; this defines the functions, after which they can be called for in that R session. Or alternatively install the OpasnetBaseUtils package.

Package dependencies

These packages are required for most of the code to work. To install: from the top bar menu Packages>Install. To load: copy-paste.


Downloading data


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variable <- op_baseGetData("opasnet_base", "page identifier", include = vector_of_loc_ids, exclude = vector_of_loc_ids)
  • Assuming "opasnet_base" is a correctly defined DSN (Data Service Name; in Windows XP: Control Panel\Administrative tools\Data Sources (ODBC)).
  • Include and exclude are optional.
    • Include picks all cells in the locations given.
      • The clearest case is when all the included locations belong to the same index: Any cells in the non-included locations of the index will be left out.
      • In case given locations are in multiple indices: The effect produced will be the same as picking separately for each index and removing duplicates.
    • Exclude unpicks any cells which are indexed by the locations given. Slower than include.
    • They can be used in unison.
  • Result will be in a table format with columns: id, obs, ind1, ind2 ... indn, Result.
  • series_id is an optional parameter, if it is not given the most current upload of the data will be downloaded.

Finding index data


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  • Returns all indexes and locations and their ids in a table of format: ind, loc, loc_id.

Manipulating data


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variable2 <- DataframeToArray(variable1, rescol = NULL)
  • variable1 must be in similar format as the result when downloading.
  • Columns named "id" and various versions of "Result" are ignored for dimension creation.
    • "obs" column will also be ignored if there's only one.
  • The column containing the values may be defined in the parameters, otherwise it is assumed to be either "Freq", "Result" or "result" in that order.

Uploading data


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op_baseWrite(dsn, input, ident = NULL, name = NULL, unit = NULL, objtype_id = NULL, who = NULL, acttype = NULL, rescol = NULL)
  • dsn and input must be defined, the rest of the object and act parameters if not defined are prompted for by the function as needed.
    • For uploading the DSN defined must have writers permissions.
  • rescol defines the column from which the values are chosen from, both numerical and textual data are allowed, if left undefined the function will check column matches for "Freq", "Result" and "result" in that order.


  • Input may only be given in either array or data.frame form.
    • Indexes used may not exceed the character limit of 20.
      • Indexes should preferably match an earlier entry: Special:OpasnetBaseIndices.
      • Indexes are treated as identifiers for indexes in the database, spaces in the indexes are converted to _. This ensures maximum compatibility and ease in operations in which data is downloaded and uploaded again. Names and more specific details can be edited into the indexes separately.

Regarding special characters and character encoding

Using special characters like ä and ö when our database is encoded in latin1 while wiki is in UTF-8 is a bit complicated. New parameters -- for forcing the odbc connection to use UTF-8 and in-R conversion of one encoding to the other prior to writing or after reading -- have been created. The defaults have been made to work with opasnet_base. For use with heande_base, forcing UTF-8 on the odbc connection when reading should be disabled, meaning that use.utf8 should be set to FALSE when using op_baseGetData and use.utf8.read should be set to FALSE when using op_baseWrite.

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