Pollutants measured in blood and urine

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Internal exposure to pollutants measured in blood and urine of 1679 Flemish adolescents in 2003. [1]


  • id: study29
  • Abbreviation:


id obj_type obj_id name data_table study_id desc add_info location
720 H 7439-92-1 lead MET_H_5 study29 Concentration of lead in blood (ug/l) FLA
721 H 7440-43-9 cadmium MET_H_5 study29 Concentration of cadmium in blood (ug/l) FLA
722 H 1336-36-3 PCBs OTC_H_1 study29 Concentration of PCBs (PCB 138, 153 and 180) in serum (ng/g fat) FLA
723 H 3547-04-4 DDE OTC_H_1 study29 Concentration pf DDE in serum (ng/g fat) FLA
724 H 118-74-1 HCB OTC_H_1 study29 Concentration of HCB in serum (ng/g fat) FLA
725 H 5315-79-7 1-hydroxypyrene OTC_H_1 study29 Concentration of 1-OH-Pyrene (metabolite of PAHs) in Urine (ng/g creatinine) FLA
726 H 71-43-2 benzene OTC_H_1 study29 Concentration of t,t'-Muconic acid (metabolite of Benzene) in Urine (ug/g creatinine) FLA


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  1. Schroijen et al., Chemosphere 71 (2008) 1317-1325

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