Body weight of European population

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The body weight of population in several European countries.



Majority of the data is obtained from the ExpoFacts database and the original references are listed there. The information is provided for the following age categories: 0-1 years, 1-2 years, 3-8 years, 9-14 years and 15-64 years. Some exceptions for this categorization are listed below. Data is provided for both genders and with information on distributions (mean and SD).

Exceptions for the age categories:

  • UK, 1-2 is 1.5-2.5 years
  • Bulgaria, 3-8 is 4-8 years
  • Belgium, 15-64 is 18-75 years
  • Bulgaria, 15-64 is 15-70 years
  • Germany, 15-64 is 15-79 years
  • Hungary, 15-64 is 15-75 years
  • Ireland, 15-64 is 18-94 years
  • Italy, 15-64 is 15-95 years
  • Sweden, 15-64 is 16-64 years
  • Switzerland, 15-64 is 15-65 years
  • UK, 15-64 is 18-94 years

For some countries and age classes there was no information found, and in these cases the information available from the nearest country (defined by location) was used. The used surrogate country is mentioned in the data table.






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